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August 19, 2013
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Species:  Tuulimede

Other Names: Millipedes, Centipedes, Bug-men

Average Height:
5’0’’ – 6’5’’

Spoken Language:

Home World: Tuul

Common Species: Tuulimede; Also an assortment of buglike species.

General Information: Tuulimede are the most nationally well-known species of their planet. They are fairly far away from a lot of the other planets which is likely why the Qwuedeviv chose to pick a fight with them. These rolly, armored insect-aliens are quite a hardy species though.

Physical Traits:

 Tuulimede are insect-like in appearance, more notably comparable to the Millipede. They are often dark in color, whether a shade of black, gray, blue, red etc. The base color is most often dark with a lighter underbelly and bright stripes of another color as the minor accent color.

 Tuulimede have  protective, chitinous plates that covers their head like a helmet, as well as the back of their neck, back and extends out finally as a tail. These protective plates have hundreds of soft, tiny legs running along the outsides of them. The legs are constantly moving about which many find disturbing.

 The sclera of their eyes is always black. Their eyes see well in the dark, but they’re nearly blind when exposed to light. This is because they live underground permanently.

 Tuulimede have an opening in their chest cavity. This is customarily closed off by rings of claw like teeth, but will open when feeding. Although possessing two mouths, Tuulimede will feed themselves through the one in their chest.

 Their undersides are soft and fleshy. It is considered to be a weak point of the species. Thus Tuulimede have the ability to roll themselves up protectively like a ball to protect their vital organs.  

Diet: Tuulimede generally eat roots and leaves from the dense surface. They set up tunnel vaults for said food sources to fall and grow in that way they don’t have to go all the way out.  Occasionally they rally together as well to kill giant space worms of some sort that like to destroy their tunnels.


Community:  Tuulimede have communities of their own that are more like giant underground cities. Their community system is easily comparable to the human living system.  They are quite independent of each other and are free to live their life however they please so long as it does not go directly against their laws.

Government:  The Tuulimede have a Republic for a government. They have a president, vice president and numerous other government parties and houses and such. They also have a strong military overseen by Captain L’uuqquu. They are considered to be a very stable civilization.

 Tuulimede have lived underground for as long as any of them can remember. The set up may sound drab and uninteresting but that is in fact far from reality. The Tuulimede have an incredibly stable underground system. All their tunnels are like major freeways connecting one city to another. They are creative creatures with an incredible eye for architecture and use of dim lighting. Their cities thus are known galaxy wide for being strange and intriguing—a huge tourist spot for those who can travel to it.

 Although dim and quite damp there are certain areas designed specifically for tourists that are better lit, but half of the fun of touring their home is the eerie atmosphere of red and orange hues. There is no day or night underground—at least not visibly. Thus the Tuulimede merely choose which hour range they want to consider day and night. Roughly half of the population is opposite of the other in this regard.

 Unless one knows how to follow the directions of these amazing labyrinths, you may as well consider yourself permanently lost and dead. Those who stray have usually become lost and starved. Only the Tuulimede can navigate these tunnels with their naturally occurring navigational ability.

 This is ultimately how the Qwuedeviv were defeated. The war was not even with the Tuulimede initially. It was with the surface dwellers of Tuul. The Tullimede just grew tired of the Qwuedeviv and their pushy, arrogant behavior and joined the others in a battle against the Qwuedeviv. Insulted by the nerve of the Tuulimede the Qwuedeviv focused their attack instead on the burrowing arthropods. This was a huge mistake on their behalf as they were lured into the tunnels, got lost and separated and were easily surrounded. The Qwuedeviv were sent running home with their tails between their legs in a humiliating defeat.

 With a huge gash to the name of their species, the Qwuedeviv have a seething hatred of the Tuulimede and all the gloating they have done over the Qwuedeviv retreat. The Tuulimede still hate the Qwuedeviv as well, partially for trying to take over their planet and mostly for the felines being so arrogant. It is assumed there will be another war between the two at some point but for the time being it seems the Qwuedeviv are keeping low to lick their wounds and find a better approach. It is for this very reason that Captain L’uuqquu must keep such a steady eye on the felines and their doings as it is already a well-known fact that Qwuedeviv do not play by any galactic war rules.

Business:  Not surprisingly, construction work is one of the most prominent jobs amongst the Tuulimede. Design and Architecture are also quite popular professions. They do a lot of mining of minerals that are a high selling item elsewhere.

Clothing: Tuulimede wear minimal clothing. After all they live underground and it just gets dirty/torn or in the way. Some may wear pants and some boots. Others wear shorts. Some wear shirts and such but it is difficult for them to work around the mouth that is in the center of their chests.

 Tuulimede don’t bother with fancy names or dual sets of them. Their names tend to have a lot of vowel sounds to them and double vowels of the same letter.

Relationship With Other Species:
 Tuulimede are fairly active with working alongside the other native species’ of their planet, but generally try to stay out of the affairs of those off planet. They don’t like to help fight others’ wars, figuring they should be tough enough to deal with it or deserve to be taken over. They can be convinced to help if there is a benefit for them in the matter though.

 They will assist without need of reward against the Qwuedeviv just because they hate them so much. Overall the Tuulimede have a reputation of being a rugged set of individuals. Not a threat to others, just minding their own business planetside. They are considered to be a beneficial species to the system of galaxies.

The Tuulimede military, unlike the civilians, go to the surface fairly often for training exercises.

The Tuulimede although advanced in technology in some ways are highly hindered when it comes to wireless communication and communication with sources off planet. The density of their ground walls tends to prevent proper signals. This is both a benefit and a downfall for them depending on the situation.

Occasional floods in heavy winter storms force the Tuulimede to leave the safety of their tunnels temporarily. They try to keep this information as classified as possible.
These guys are a super super minor species in my stories. Like I basically mention one at some point. So here's just some basic info on the creatures.
I didn't go into great detail, just some basic information. Also I didn't proofread it because I'm tired ;u; so hopefully it looks decentish.

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