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March 10, 2013
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I regretfully inform that it is indeed factual that all voices and random meowy sounds were done by me –w-; I am truly capable of being that dumb, yup |D And polka because…IT WAS RANDOM 8| I had to sing this stupid thing about 8 different ways |D All of which are actually on there if you listen closely =u

I would never evur evur evur sing under normal circumstances FYI 8| Special privileges >,> Friend just happens to be THAT epic to me =o go figure.

So then on to the origin and other words n stuff
For anyone wondering about this thing, I got inspiration for it about a year ago. Well more like ten months ago I think. It was a night when I was up EPIC LATE talking to sir :iconle-okami: We were talking about spatulas I guess =u And I honestly didn’t know that a wooden spatula existed XPXP

I had the idea to draw some spatula related picture at the time—can’t recall why or what, but I decided there needed to be a song about them—that was, I intended to write some kind of dumb lyrics and stick them on a picture.

Then my idea turned to a couple pictures. It was going to be like a slideshow with about five pictures and the written lyrics. Then it was gonna be that with actual music @_@ That would go along with the slideshow. Eventually I ended up deciding it would be an animation—but I totally knew I had a ton of work to do in order to achieve that. So I set to work.

Got a program you could use varying instruments, sound clips etc and make your own music stuff. Did that –took forever by the way >,>--couldn’t decide what approach to take—overly dramatic, upbeat and silly etc. Eventually settled on something, worked out the lyrics and then began trying to figure out how to time them with the music.

None of which I had ever attempted before might I add XD. THEN THEEEEEN came the task of trying to sing the stupid song. Not only did I feel incredibly stupid, but I was having amazing issues singing the darn thing =p So what you see now is about as good as it got. Wasn’t capable of betterness. Had to record the same thing (all errors aside) about 8 times with slight changes to tone and pronounciation—in some cases major and of course there are all the lalalalala’s and dadadada’s too which was additional recording.

Once I got all that together I began trying to merge the darn soundtrack part with the words which was yet again a nightmare. Took me a few months to get it sounding…semi decent >_>

And then I was convinced the ‘hard part’ was over for some reason. I set out to learn how to animate. O_O Spent several months in instructional books like a derp, learned how to do all sorts of things—none of which were what I had attempted to learn |P SO I ended up back at square one after all that and learned a looooot of random programs *this is condensed version* began just doing some random animations to get the hang of it, and then, well here you have it =p did the darn animation.

K that’s done 8|
Sooo I wasn’t really trying to make everything all that smooth and prettiful and stuff, I settled for this and decided it was good enough for me.

SO, now that that’s all said and done…

I made this for :iconle-okami:X3 mah buddeh 0w0
And on a lesser note, I’d just like to point out that they…….have seriously motivating power @_@ Obviously. For me to spend nearly a year trying to make a stupid animated thing just because of something they said. XD Haha. BUT IT WAS FUN…..sometimes…… least it was fun overall knowing I was making it for them ^u^


Oh and here, to further embarrass my already embarrassed state: [link]

I made this last year and forgot about it. A few of my many fails in trying to say the faster portions of da song |D And accompanying complaints 8| with a random beat thing in the BG that I threw together =p

*Oh yeah I forgot to mention, this is a frame by frame animation and roughly 3000 frames =p

*Oh yeah I also forgot to state that ah intentionally mispronounced the majority of the words XPXP
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"I don't like happy food"
But people on Tumblr want me to draw happy food D:
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That was awesome! Make more like this, if ya can. :D
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This makes the world a better place
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