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June 17, 2013
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Crew 52 Official Chart by SmilehKitteh Crew 52 Official Chart by SmilehKitteh
Here's a link to the other version as well:

I made these horribly confusing things up to give you guys a bit of an idea of who has what relationship with who, and what exactly Crew 52 consists of.

For Official, note Cedric is not part of the crew, and neither are the Qahrburboxis in reality. But they are always with Crew 52 (the Qahrburboxis essentially manage orders of equipment or whatever intergalactic and then Tentacles has its two body guards)

For Unofficial I included some of other people's characters in here. Some of them aren't a part of Crew 52 directly but they interact with characters within it.

What's the difference between official and unofficial?
Good question =u

Official is what my actual stories include.

Unofficial is what I often incorporate into art. The additional characters you see in those lists belong to my friends (a few different friends, I think 4). I consider them 'art canon.'

It's confusing yus,essentially for story I need to own everyone otherwise I'd run into legal issues.

But art is just a hobby therefore I can incorporate their characters into this alternate set.

But I've RPed with you before, why aren't mine there? This isn't based off of a 'who has interacted with this character before' thing. These guys are truly integrated into fitting into the plot and have found themselves an official place within my head or something. Also I'm much more likely to include characters as official for art when the person who owns them is someone I talk to regularly and isn't just trying to get free art. =p So yeah its all about creating a character that fits in there without forcing it or trying to make it the goal =u it just sorta happens.

But now to the final conclusion, I made this so people would know who is considered "Crew 52" I'll do it for the other sets too. Then show how the crews and such work with eachother |P Ohh confusingness.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

A few Notes
Oddly Complex refers to their work relationship and all that. Spork somewhat hates Smiley and finds it totally annoying. At the same time it protects it from outside threats though and seems to care about its well being quite a bit. Smiley claims to hate Spork, and is relatively frightened by it, but it also will run and hide behind 'em when things get vereh bad |D So in short? Despite their differences Smileh can depend on Spork to save it and be dere to guide it. |P

And a note about the annoying friend thing--Pokeyoo is DN's best friend (and was growing up), since Spork and DN were also friends that meant Pokeyoo tagged along a lot. So it is sort of DN's friend that Spork inherited as well. XP

Hearts loves most everyone aside from the few that are not marked in the official guide. I just didn't add them in the art canon version because too many lines =o
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Warrior-Bloodpaw Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist this took me a while to get to understand.
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