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Copycat Ref 2014 by SmilehKitteh Copycat Ref 2014 by SmilehKitteh

**Disclaimer for Qwuedeviv group people. Shapeshifters are -not- a common deviv thing and are not open for being created.**

Note to everyone else. I redesigned a lot of Copycat's outfits because I didn't like them. I also changed the way I drew this little feline and which colors it adopts as its main appearance. 
Old Ref: Copycat Full Ref (Outdated) by SmilehKitteh

Invader Name: Copycat

Official Name: Kituhki Kitu’qulu

Technical Gender: Female

Age: 14

Height: 4’9’’

Nickname(s): Kitten, Kit

Species: Shapeshifter Qwuedeviv

Official Specialty: Stealth; Infiltration

Rank: Private

Appearance:  It’s hard to label Copycat as having an official appearance since it can change so drastically. However it has a few main patterns it likes to stick to. The one it considers its default appearance is primarily white with pink ears, hands and tail tip. Its belly is also a lighter shade of pink. Its eyes are a vibrant pink.

Another of its appearances is medium gray with pink ears and a lighter pink belly. Its tail is striped like a raccoon’s with jagged rings of pink, white and gray. About half the length of its arms are white and its right eye is a mild yellow while the other is pink.

Its third common appearance is a grayish purple with faded goldish belly and muzzle. Its fingers are tipped by the same gold and two rings of the color are around its arms. The underside of its tail is likewise this color and boot like markings cover its feet and ankles also of this color. Its eyes are the same pink as the above mentioned appearance.

  The final common appearance of Copycat is essentially like that of a Siamese cat. Its fur is an off white/beige with brown ears, feet, hands and tail. It also has three, thick, dusty brown stripes down its back. Its eyes are pale lavender.

  Copycat also has a few different outfits it wears as well. Its invader uniform is simply black with gray inside lining. It wears a giant pink bow around its belly though.

  Copycat’s two most common outfits were made specifically with it in mind. The material is very pliable and stretchy allowing for moderate changes without the need of new clothing. The appearances of these outfits vary slightly. Refer to the visual ref for examples.

  Its other outfit is that which it wore whilst it was still undergoing scans and tests for research purposes in Dr. Leech’s lab. The colors are on the dull side—a light gray. It also has a tracking collar with the Qwuedeviv symbol pawprint as a tag.   


  Copycat loves having fun and is amazingly playful and energetic. It is still just a kitten and given its main instructor was none other than Dr. Leech, Copycat is considerably immature. It has a surprising level of intelligence, but its immaturity leads it to use its talents negatively. Copycat is excellent in stealth due to its shape shifting properties. This is its role in the crew, however it also uses this skill to steal things it wants and otherwise listen in on conversations it is not supposed to be a part of. Copycat loves getting information that it knows it shouldn’t have.  Copycat has issues with staying on task and would prefer to chase after whatever interests it at the moment, so although it is a very valuable asset to have, it also requires quite a bit of refinement.

  The shape shifting kitten loves to antagonize CoffeeKat in particular and although it has a reputation of being a bit showy and at times, arrogant, CoffeeKat always gets to see the worst of it. Most find Copycat to be adorable. It certainly knows how to use cuteness for its own benefit and won’t hesitate to do so.

  Copycat’s worth to the crew allows it to easily be a conceited little brat. Copycat is crafty, dishonest and proud. It loves to tease people and has an excellent talent of persuading people into doing things they would have otherwise avoided. The ‘deviv is considerably disrespectful to authority and has a good multitude of comebacks which many find annoying simply for the fact the little know it all kitty can back up its claims.

  It tends to pout about anything that displeases it—at times giving its crew the silent treatment or disappearing entirely. It gets over it though and always comes back. There is also a sweeter side to Copycat—the more innocent kitten like qualities it possesses. It is considerably fond of snuggling near those it likes. It is afraid of bugs and large bodies of water. A lot of its behaviors stem from trying to seem tough and smart like the other Qwuedeviv and its pranks are just because it doesn’t really know how to show it likes others’ company and craves additional attention.

  Copycat secretly feels more like a tool than an individual, although Visions seems to treat everyone in the crew as such. One of the reasons it is so fond of Ick’ick is due to the fact the other Qwuedeviv probably couldn’t care any less about the fact Copycat is a Shapeshifter.

Background: Copycat is actually classified as a Shapeshifter instead of a Qwuedeviv. It is at least partially Qwuedeviv though and holds the appearance of a Qwuedeviv—whether this is just a form it embraces or its default appearance is not clear. Copycat is the results of one of Dr. Leech’s ‘amazing’ experiments. Dr. Leech can’t exactly explain how the kitten can change its entire structure though. Regardless it does break down the molecular composition of its body and reshape it. It also has the ability to change its color by means of the Qwuedeviv’s natural talent.

  The experiment itself was fairly undocumented as Dr. Leech claimed it was too busy to remember such formalities. This also led to Dr. Leech being unable to duplicate what it had done. Even with studying Copycat, all attempts have been unsuccessful. Dr. Leech keeps pretty quiet about what it did with the experiment, but most assume Copycat is a mixture of Qwuedeviv DNA and that of aliens from a distant planet who do in fact possess transforming qualities.

  Once Copycat was confirmed to be in stable condition, the kitten ran around the base with no purpose. That was until Acid Drizzle insisted that it be placed in training with the others as it was of no benefit to them if they never actually used it in battle. Always full of energy, Copycat drove everyone around it mad so they were practically shoving Copycat into Visions arms when it requested that the prototype experiment kitten come along with them. Copycat was just as happy to agree. 

  Unfortunately distractions seem to get the best of Copycat. Coffeekat and Tad’Toadfrog are not very fond of the kitten that forever teases them, but most of the older crew units don’t understand what it is about the sweet kitten the others can’t stand. It is important to note that Copycat acts totally different around the two groups though. It also has a crush on Ick’ick Ew-I.

  At its fairly young age, Copycat is capable of shape shifting quickly although the action is tiring. Copycat can change its appearance moderately but it does have limits. It cannot shrink its form or make it bigger beyond what its internal composition can create. It can however stretch or compact its appearance. Such endeavors take a while to finalize though. In the meantime they leave Copycat incredibly vulnerable to injury as its structure is soft and easily deformed. Copycat usually only changes its fur color as the process of shape shifting is moderately painful for it.

  It has the ability to utilize things around it when shape shifting for added properties—more aquatic based appendages, feathers, etc. Essentially things it doesn’t naturally possess the components of. However Copycat doesn’t really understand how to do this without guidance.

  Copycat has a speedy metabolism and can eat a ton of food continually. It has been known to faint from time to time if its food supply is too sparse. It likewise has a tendency to forget to bring along an adequate supply of food when it goes wandering off.

Random Facts:

Copycat loves candy

Copycat requires a lot more food than normal Qwuedeviv.

Copycat finds bugs to be disgusting and usually calls upon Ick’ick to come save it from the atrocities.

Copycat can be forced to change its appearance through a variety of electric pulses emitted by its collar. These can also prevent it from changing its appearance depending on how it is used.

Sudden traumas and changes to energy levels can drastically affect Copycat’s ability to shape shift.

Stress Induced Feels is the Qwuedeviv Copycat likes least as it is usually the one who scolds it.

Copycat is a technical sibling to Smiley. Whether or not they are related genetically is unknown, however both are considered to be Dr. Leech’s kittens.

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