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Meet the New Medds

Wed Jul 29, 2015, 2:27 AM

Got some sketches for some of the new Medds. They are just concept sketches so so they're kind of ugly and chaotic. |D
Have I ever mentioned before Qwuedeviv n all that I had really dark tones to what I did? Cannibals and torture and all that. =I
ANYWAY. Those who don't like creepy things probably shouldn't look.

C by SmilehKitteh
  A quick run down, this guy has insane jaw strength and tends to just...crunch. Also has a giant cleaver and a tendency to gouge giant marks in its torso.

Htyt by SmilehKitteh
Haven't fully decided on a name for this guy yet, but he's more a victim than anything else. The other Medds like to operate on it. Namely Needle and Thread. Or they did, they haven't lately because it moved over to Hollow's band of "friends." It kinda has hooks through one eye. Thread has an obsession with that.

Jkjk by SmilehKitteh
Designed to be small and unthreatening, Tilt is child sized. It just as this unnerving ability to tilt its head too far to the side and make its bleeding eyes run like crazy. Its mouth also tends to run with blood when it opens.

Yuiuyiuio by SmilehKitteh
If you need someone to have nightmares of, why not Needle? Needle is arguably the worst of the Medds. This Medd isn't as insane as it looks, in fact it is quite aware of the overall situation. Through what means? It has its secrets that's for sure. This is Hollow's greatest opposition. While Hollow may be an unofficial accepted leader, Needle believes itself to be leader of the Medds with a much...much darker purpose. It has its own following.

Hgjhgjh by SmilehKitteh
Thread/The Threader
  Thread is Needle's right hand Medd. This...rather creepy individual is a little obsessed with stitching everything up. It has one dead eye that it likes to hook things through. It also uses its face like a pin cushion so it always knows where its needle is! Spools of thread are usually strung around its head and body. One arm has been changed up to be composed of scalpel like fingers, the other is stripped down to almost bone to fit spools of thread on. It is constantly seen stringing these back and forth as it walks.

  Unpictured is a Medd that defected before they were even thrown away too. X3 It has brand marks all over its body from going absolutely insane when still on Earth. It also has a giant brand mark of its model numbers now to make sure it didn't somehow end up back in the open when it was locked away. It was shipped with the others to Grave Vault eventually.

YUS so that is the Medd update for you guys today =I More on all of it LATUH.

  Now then, if you read all that =I And feel like it, toss some weirdness at me that you think would make for a cool Medd and I might make it a thing! owo You know things like "You should make one that has stitches through its eye and a knife in its head" Or "A medd that eats the others" YOU GET THE BASIC IDEA. IGNORE THE EXAMPLES =I =I XPXPXP

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